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1. Q. What is the best time to come to India?
Ans. Weather wise, winters (mid October – mid March) are the most comfortable period to travel in most parts of the country. The hill stations are welcoming in summers for the obvious reason. The rainy season may interrupt your tour program, but since it brings the nature to its best, it would not be a bad idea to travel to places that abound in natural beauty. Please note that most hotels and airlines in India offer pretty good off season discounts. For more specific information refer to destination info pages on our website. Read More

2. Q. How much foreign exchange can I carry to India?
Ans. Any person can bring into India from a place outside India foreign exchange without any limit. However, declaration of foreign exchange/currency is required to be made in the prescribed Currency Declaration Form if
  • The value of foreign currency notes exceeds US$ 5000/- or equivalent
  • The aggregate value of foreign exchange (in the form of currency notes, bank notes, traveler cheques etc.) exceeds US$ 10,000/- or its equivalent

3. Q. What is your booking & payment procedure?
Ans. Please refer to our Tour Registration Form (TRF) for this information. Click here

4. Q. What refund will I get in case I have to cancel the tour after booking it with you? What if, I have to break the tour in the middle?
Ans. Please refer to our Tour Registration Form (TRF) for this information. Click here

5. Q. Can we pay by traveler’s cheque or through Western Union?
Ans. We do not prefer or rather avoid accepting payment through traveler’s cheque or Western Union.

6. Q. Can you make arrangements for physically handicapped travelers?
Ans. Yes, we can manage it. We have earlier experience of conducting tour for physically challenged travelers also. The company is equipped with a wheel chair for the use of such travelers.

7. Q. Do you have any provision for child discount, if so what is the age limit for it?
Ans. We do not charge anything for children at our end. The tour cost is made up of two major components viz. the accommodation and the transportation. If there are children travelling with the guests the transportation cost remains the same as they share the vehicle with their parents. The accommodation expenses, however, vary or rather increase depending upon the policy of the hotel. Most hotels allow children below 5 years of age for free but charge actual cost for breakfast and extra bed for children aged between 5 – 12 years.

8. Q. Who will receive us when we arrive in India and how will we recognize him?
Ans. You will be received either by our representative or our driver. They will be carrying a placard showing your name.

9. Q. What vehicles do you employ for the tour programs?
Ans. Depending upon the no. of pax (persons) travelling and their budget we use Tata Indigo (3 pax + driver), Toyota Qualis (4 pax + driver), Toyota Innova (5 pax + driver), tempo traveler (8 pax+ driver) etc

10. Q. What if the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road?
Ans. This has never happened in our service history of over a decade. Still, if by any chance, this happens, the driver who is equipped with a cell phone would contact us and we will make the alternate arrangement as quickly as possible.

11. Q. Will there be flexibility to stop along the way or make subtle changes should we see fit at the time?
Ans. You can always consult the driver, as he would know the best at that moment, if stopping mid way or making minor changes would be fine and not impede the scheduled tour program.

12. Q. Will there be the same guide throughout the tour?
Ans. Normally we arrange different guides for different cities because it is economical. But, on request, we can also arrange for an escort who will accompany you throughout the tour. The accommodation and food expenses for him are to be borne by the guest.

13. Q. Will it be possible to get a guide for other languages besides English?
Ans. An English guide is easily available everywhere. However, the guides for German, French, Russian and Spanish etc are available, though, in bigger cities only.

14. Q. Is it possible to get a lady guide for lady travelers?
Ans. Yes, we can arrange for a lady guide as well.

15. Q. Who will guide us for good restaurants / eateries on the highways and the cities?
Ans. The driver or the city guide will be the best person to help you in this regard. You can also contact our company executive any time.

16. Q. Who will guide us for shopping in India?
Ans. For this also your city guide and driver will prove to be the best help. For anything specific you can contact us directly. Do keep in mind that there is a lot of scope for haggling at most of the shops but for the big ones and branded showrooms. For typical traditional Indian articles you can look for the Govt. Emporiums where the rates are fixed and the quality generally good.

17. Q. Who takes the responsibility of our luggage in the vehicle?
Ans. The driver takes care of your luggage in the vehicle. But you must keep the valuables with yourself.

18. Q. How much time in advance do we need to book the tour?
Ans. We are adept in making all arrangements of the tour any time at your convenience.

Though we can book the tour even at short notices but earlier you book the better it will be, especially if you have any particular choice regarding accommodation. The rooms in the hotel chosen by you may or may not be available at the 11th hour. Most good hotels are over booked during the peak season of tourism. Besides you can avail better discounted air fares.

Ashoka HolidaysAshoka Holidays

Ashoka HolidaysAshoka HolidaysAshoka Holidays

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